Battle of the Makeup Wipes: Simple, Aveeno, Yes To, Neutrogena, Olay & Pond's

As I've mentioned before, I have been on a quest to find the best makeup wipes. So far, I've tested out quite a few and I'm going to give you guys my thoughts in this post. Now I haven't tried every single makeup wipe out there, but I do think I've found a favorite!

A little background info: I used to never use makeup wipes, but within the past year I've found them to be extremely useful. They not only help get my makeup off, but they are also quick and easy! If I'm so dog tired that I can't even wash my face, I'll use a makeup wipe, which is much better than using nothing (what I used to do). I only use the makeup wipes at night after I've been wearing makeup or even if I haven't. I find that they're also nice as a way to get off that initial layer of oil/dirt or whatever you get on your face throughout the day.

All of the makeup wipes that I've reviewed in this post are from the drugstore. Since I use makeup wipes every single night, buying high end wipes like the MAC or Korres ones would add up to be way too expensive and just not worth it. So I didn't try any in case I fell in love with them. I don't even want to temp myself.

1. Yes To Grapefruits Brightening Facial Towelettes: Grapefruit is one of my favorite foods and scents, which was one of the reasons I was interested in trying these out. I was also looking to try something out from the Yes To line. I was super excited to find these because they were brightening (and I struggle with hyperpigmentation & acne scars) and there was a coupon on the display they were on! But ultimately when I tried them, I was disappointed. Even though they weren't labeled as "makeup removing" wipes, I expected them to cleanse my face better than they did. I felt like I had to really scrub to get my makeup off, and nobody likes treating their skin so roughly! 25 wipes was also not enough to tell whether they lived up to their brightening claim. I did like that the dispenser was a plastic snap closure because it prevented the wipes from drying out. Because I'm looking for something that will really take off the day, I won't be repurchasing these.

2. Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes: Everyone and their mother loves these, but I didn't. Now, I didn't hate them, but I didn't love them. Maybe that's because I had super high expectations, but they didn't remove makeup as well as the Aveeno ones (reviewed below). Furthermore, I disliked the packaging a lot. There was no plastic snap closure, so with daily peeling & unpeeling, the makeup wipes actually started to dry out and it was made worse because the stickiness stopped being sticky. Eventually I just moved all of the wipes to the box that came with the package I bought. I want to give these wipes a second chance though, since everyone raves about them so much.

3. Pond's Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes: Out of all of the makeup wipes I tried, these are my second favorite. They worked really well at removing my makeup, especially because of the quilted texture of the wipe itself, the grooves really allowed the wipes to really get all of the makeup off with minimal scrubbing from me. The scent was also really nice - not too strong. The only complaint I have about them (which is why they're not my favorite) is that they're really wet. I also have the problem that the sticky closure stops being sticky because the wipes are so wet. It's less of a problem here than for the Neutrogena ones though, because the wipes are so wet that I actually want them to dry out a bit! Overall, definitely would repurchase.

4. Simple Cleansing Facial Towelettes: These are also super hyped about in the beauty blogger world, so I just had to try them out. Overall, I like them, but they're not my favorite. They're great for sensitive skin because they're very gentle and unscented. Personally, I like scented things better than unscented, so that's one of the reasons why these wipes aren't at the top of my list. The wipes don't dry out by the end of the package, which is also really nice. The only other complaint I have is that the towelettes themselves are slightly scratchy and not as smooth as the Neutrogena or Aveeno ones. They're not supposed to be exfoliating, so the slight scratchiness surprised me when I used my first wipe. It's not a deal-breaker though, and it really doesn't bother me all that much. I would say these are good makeup wipes, but I'm not sure they're worth all the hype they're getting.

5. Aveeno Ultra-Calming Makeup Removing Wipes: If you read my Products I've Used Up #1: Skincare & Haircare post or watched my video, you know these are my absolute favorite so far. I really have no complaints about them. They have the plastic snap closure (which is nice, but slightly wasteful), and they live up to all of the claims on the packaging. They smell great, they are actually calming, the wipes themselves are nice and smooth, they remove makeup incredibly well (even my waterproof mascara), and they're actually moisturizing! If I only use these wipes, I don't feel like I need to put on moisturizer (but if I follow up by washing my face like I usually do after removing my makeup, I do need a moisturizer). And they smell so good that after I throw them out, they make my trash smell good. Those with sensitive skin or who don't like scents might not like these, but even so I definitely think you should give them a try because they are calming! They are a couple dollars more expensive than the others, in this post, but I personally think they're more than worth it!

6. Olay Wet Cleansing Cloths: These are the normal ones, not for sensitive skin (Olay has a sensitive skin version as well). I have to say, these are my least favorite wipes. I don't like them at all! They don't remove makeup as well, as some of the others, they are slightly more expensive, and they sting my eyes like crazy. The thing I do like about these wipes though, is that the cloths are nice and thick, so the feel higher quality and they're nice and smooth feeling on the skin. I won't be repurchasing these (or trying the sensitive ones because I still don't think I'll like them).

So to summarize this post, my top 3 in order are the Aveeno, Pond's, and Simple. Next up I want to try the Maybelline Clean Express, Burt's Bees, Olay Fresh Effects, and Clean & Clear ones, which I'll also review after I've tried them. I also want to retry the Neutrogena ones. After that, I'll be sticking with whichever ones I think are the best!

The hunt for the perfect makeup wipes are almost (ok not really, more like halfway) done!



  1. Hi! I really liked this blog post. I can never find face wipes that make a huge difference to my skin, so this was really helpful. I'll be sure to try the Aveeno face wipes! My name's Gigi, and I have a blog too ( If you could check it out, that would be great!

    1. Thanks so much for reading and I'm glad you liked the post! I hope you like the Aveeno ones if you try them out. I tried checking out your blog but the link sent me to a "not found" page. Is there a typo? I'd love to take a look!